About the Exhibition

The exhibition is a museum quality show presenting the art and vision of two important New York based Scandinavian artists; Scotto Mycklebust and Sophie Stærk in September 2018. The gallery is located in the center of the gallery district at in the West Chelsea Arts building central art friendly building with over 25 major contemporary art galleries, and over 150 artists studios and art-related businesses.

The Exhibition’s Opening Reception is scheduled during the height of the New York’s West Chelsea Contemporary Art Fall season’s opening Gallery Night Walk. It will be a spectacular exhibition and event with 400 to 500 visitors and guests, including art lovers, art enthusiasts, artists, dealers, collectors and the general public. The West Chelsea Fall Art season’s opening gallery night can bring 10,000 to 20,000 people to the West Chelsea art district on the Thursday evening gallery walks.

The touring exhibition and art show is the brainchild of two New York-based Scandinavian artists, Scotto Mycklebust and Sophie Stærk. The artists met in 2017 in the West Chelsea Arts Building, where they both have art studios. A chance meeting during the fall open studios event brought the two artists together. After discussions about the their Scandinavian heritage, Vikingness and art, with similarity in stylistic and aesthetic approach to painting, a collaboration came about to present an art show unlike any that have came before.

The exhibition, a collaboration and partnership between Scotto Mycklebust, a New York-based, American-born Norwegian artist of Viking descent, and Sophie Stærk, a Danish artist living and working in New York City. The

Exhibition is the New York premier presentation of the artists’ works, which will travel to Scandinavian countries, including Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland as part of a cultural exchange-touring exhibition from 2018 through 2020.

The Exhibition and art show focuses on the artists’ vision and cultural heritage that each artist brings the table (exhibition). The works represents a reflective collaboration by Mycklebust and Stærk and their individual artistic visions and esthetics, and the relationships between each other’s works and their art-making processes.

The Exhibition construct in part is to express the feeling of living in an urban jungle, a decentralized world, and a globalization of everyday life in a language that borderline between abstraction and figuration. The collage of the real world we live in and the digital virtuality, which we maintain through and with today’s digital technology.

We envision an art show and exhibition of art works in a creative public environment setting, which is relaxing, inviting, and has a personal sensibility that invites the visitors and guests to experience the art and our vision in a space filled with creative energy and objectives.